Signs of a Robust Movement: KNOW More Orphans Conference and More

General Anti-Slavery Convention of 1840
General Anti-Slavery Convention of 1840

Reading the early history of the Abolition Movement, one can’t help noticing all the gatherings: conferences and congresses and confabs of every kind.

All those suits and petticoats may seem a little stuffy now.  But the in-person events played a central role in the growing movement – forging links and alliances, refining shared vision and language, exchanging models, means and methods.

It’s not hard to see this same thing happening in the orphan care movement today: conferences and confabs, summits and seminars seem to be popping up everywhere.

Some focus on adoption…some foster care…some global engagement…  An increasing number are now happening globally as well – from KazakhKnow More Orphansstan to Uganda to Nepal to South Africa to Kenya to Guatemala last year.

Certainly, technology has made connecting and learning much easier to come by than in days of Abolition yore; but there is still no replacing in-person gatherings that unite, inspire and inform.

One I’m particularly looking forward to being part of this spring is the KNOW More Orphans Intensive – in the Birmingham, AL region on February 28. Hosted by Altar 84, it promises to be an exploration both rich and practical — developing together what it looks like when the Church truly becomes home to children without. (I’d love for you to join me there if you can!)

2015 is already shaping up to be rich in these assemblies of people passionate to stand strong for orphans. Each will make a unique contribution to a burgeoning movement. Each is a fresh reminder that something powerful is afoot across America and far beyond.