The Loss of a Precious Child

There is no ache deeper than the loss of a child.

Rachel and I felt that pain in one miscarriage and also in the death of Ayana Rachel, the little girl who died unexpectedly of pneumonia shortly before we were to bring her home as our adopted daughter. I can only image how much deeper the ache is when your heart has welded to your beloved child over many years.

Chase Stuckey
Chase Stuckey

The whole CAFO team grieved last month when we heard of the death of precious Chase Stuckey, 10 year old son of Jason and Laura Stuckey of Loganville, GA.

Chase loved Jesus, and he also loved people. Even at his young age, he was an advocate for other kids who didn’t have families. You probably saw Chase on the 2014 Orphan Sunday video, expressing the words:

“I was an orphan…but now I belong…I know my Father…so I care for orphans.”

Yes, Chase now knows his heavenly Father deeply and intimately. And we anticipate joining him in that embrace someday. But for now we weep for his family and all who loved him deeply.

And I believe the Lord mourns with us.

“Jesus wept.”