The NOBLE Awards! 30 Seconds to Honor a Noble Woman in Your Life (and Win a Trip to Ireland)

Is there a single person who has made a difference in our world – whether on their own street or in the affairs of nations – whose own life wasn’t first nourished by a noble woman?

For me, there’ve been many. My mother first of all; her consistent, tender care was the first wellspring of my boyhood joy and strength and love for Jesus. My wife, Rachel, wise and strong, not only my ally and lover, but also the rich soil in which I grow each day.   My two grandmothers, who enveloped me even before birth in prayer and tenderness. And many more, too – vibrant teachers, moms-of-friends, youth group volunteers, and countless others who’ve inspired me greatly with lives at once ordinary and extra-ordinary.

Here’s the simple truth. Absent noble women, our world would be no place to live.  Noble women make beauty and mend brokenness, give care to the weak and give battle to the wrong.

Our world needs more noble women. And we need to celebrate those we have.

That’s why CAFO is co-sponsoring the NOBLE Awards – to honor women whose love transforms lives. This is your chance to celebrate a woman you admire, one who has made a real difference:  whether in foster care or adoption, aiding orphan overseas or simply loving those along their path.

The NOBLE Awards are inspired by Christine Noble – the former orphan who poured her life into caring for other orphans. Christine’s story is told in the major motion picture NOBLE, to be released in theaters on May 8.

The woman you nominate could win $10,000 for a charity of her choice and an all expense-paid trip to Nashville to receive the NOBLE Award at CAFO2015!

Your nomination also enters you to win a trip for two to Ireland. Plus, the first 150 nominations from the CAFO community get 2 tickets each to see the movie “NOBLE.”  In the referral code spot, just enter CAFO.

Take 30 seconds now to nominate a woman you respect at

One of the truly noble women who’ve formed me, my grandmother Helen Jean Medefind, whom we called Murpsy. She passed away a few months ago at 92, leaving countless ripples of faithfulness and love in the lives of all who knew her.