What Made The Dropbox’s Pastor Lee What He Is Today?

I’ve talked with a great many people who saw The Dropbox in theaters last week. Without exception, they were deeply moved. Long after the credits rolled, they continue to process it all: the ache of abandoned children, the depth of need, the beauty seen when Christians respond like Pastor Lee and his wife. And perhaps most of all, “What should I do with what I saw and felt watching that film?”

For those serious about that question, I’d propose that you can’t beat CAFO2015 as a place to start.   Every facet of the conference – powerful plenary sessions, 120+ workshops, unforgettable special features and much more – aim to help every Christian answer that question. How can I be part of the solution? Where do I start? How do I build effective ministry? How can I love orphans and foster youth wisely and well?

If you’re serious about all this, don’t let the emotions stirred by The Dropbox fade without action. (As CS Lewis observed, allowing that to happen ultimately makes us much less able to feel…or ever act at all.) Join us at CAFO2015 to see how God might invite you to reflect that same costly, resplendent love you caught glimpses of in The Dropbox.

Shortly before the film released, we posted on the remarkable story of the filmmaker behind it all. You can see that post here: The Story Behind the Dropbox.

Here, check out this new video from CAFO Member Hope for Orphans, which reveals some of the back story on Pastor Lee himself. It’s an unexpected twist for those who saw in the film only the Christ-hearted pastor Pastor Lee has become. It’s a compelling snapshot of the power of God’s love…and how it transforms the most unlikely souls.