One Compelling Glimpse of the Foster Care Journey

Across the US, Christians are welcoming children into their hearts and homes from the foster system.  Most of the time, these stories aren’t told beyond immediate friends and family.  They labor and love, rejoice and struggle with little attention.  But here’s one glimpse of such a journey, the Worleys of Colorado.

The short video was created to be part of the showing of the film, The Dropbox.  It reminded theater audiences, and all of us, that care for children in great need isn’t just “over there” in Korea or other parts of the world…but is also something that both is needed and is being faithfully embraced by believers across the US as well.  The short video also speaks to both the joy and hurt of the journey, expressing — as Mike Worley himself expressed recently in a blog article — “Foster Care is Signing Up to Have Your Heart Broken.”