Short Video Message from Audio Adrenaline

I’m excited — not just for CAFO, but for myself, too — at the bands that are going to be part of Summit this year.  That includes two of the all-time Christian greats:  Audio Adrenaline and Jars of Clay.  We’ll be singing together songs from Kings and Queens to Love Song for a Savior.


This is about more just great tunes.  It’s about the wondrous reality that all true Christian service springs not from mere duty, guilt or idealism…but from a heart that knows and feels and celebrates how deeply we have first been loved by God.  That’s worship.  So music and other forms of praise aren’t just a nice add-on to ministry.  They are the wellspring.


I hope you can join us at CAFO2015 — not just to learn HOW to embrace orphans and foster youth…but also to celebrate together the great WHY behind it all!