Lizzy: The Value of a Life

Amidst myriad CAFO2015 Summit details, I can’t help but pause to share a glimpse into what happened last night in Guatemala. A precious little girl died. And yet all that surrounded that death also held such beauty that joy and ache came together – as they so often do when one enters the territory of the orphan.

Over the six months that my family lived in Central America this past year, one of the gifts we most prized was getting to know the Todd & Amy Block family. Along with a team of amazing Guatemalan believers, the Blocks help lead the ministry of Village of Hope, which provides care for orphaned children with special needs in homes with fathers and mothers.

The Block’s 19-year old daughter, Addisyn, became especially dear to us. Addison has deferred college indefinitely to serve children alongside her parents. Her eyes and life glow with the love of Christ.

Not long ago, the Blocks learned about an abandoned little girl. She’d been born days before with hydrocephaly. Her brain was only partially formed and she was not expected to live long.

As they have done many times before, the Blocks welcomed into their lives this little girl that the world seemed to have forgotten– naming her Emma Leigh, or Lizzy for short. They arranged for a surgery to address the hydrocephaly – knowing that she would not likely live long, but yet still praying for a miracle.

Lizzy Best


Addisyn became Lizzy’s primary caregiver – first at the hospital, and then in the Block home.   She held Lizzy and fed her and tended her wounds and sang to her.

A few hours ago, the Blocks shared the sad, beautiful report:

Last night, our precious little Emma Leigh (Lizzy) went to be with Jesus. At her court date on Tuesday, Addisyn had the honor of choosing her legal name as no biological family was present. She named her Emma- meaning whole and complete, Leigh- meaning healer. Although this is not the healing our human hearts had hoped for, we know that she is perfectly whole and healed beyond what we asked. We are grateful that God brought her to us and allowed Village of Hope to let her know how very LOVED she truly was.
Thank you to all of you who have been covering her in prayer. Please continue praying as we grieve the loss of this sweet little one who touched so many lives in her short time here.

What a breathtaking vision of what it means to believe that every person of is of immeasurable worth. To much of the world, a life’s value is measured by accomplishments…utility…beauty…strength….intelligence. But those who believe that God is indeed the loving Father revealed by Jesus weigh things differently. They know their Creator is the Creator of all people. And they believe that He loves each one with a love that goes beyond our words or even our understanding. For such people, Lizzy’s short life is of no less value than that of Presidents or Kings.

You can read more about the Block’s journey with Lizzy on the Village of Hope Facebook page, HERE.