Stone Soup and CAFO2015 Champions

Like everything CAFO does, the CAFO2015 Summit is a lot like the great old children’s story, Stone Soup.

In the story, three weary soldiers arrive in a village, seeking food. At first, it appears the villagers have nothing. But when the soldiers place a giant pot in the town square and begin talking up how great the “stone soup” they’re making will be, soon villagers begin pulling food from their secret stores to pitch in. Before long, the cauldron is steaming with the best soup you’ve ever had.

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In the book, it’s carrots…onions…potatoes and more. At CAFO2015, it’s musicians and artists and free resources and amazing local church volunteers and experts on myriad issues and so much besides.

A small-but-scrappy team of staff and core volunteers work hard to put a giant “cauldron” in the middle of town – this year in Nashville, TN. And from there, literally hundreds of other from all over the world bring what they have to turn that big empty pot into the best bowl of soup you’ve ever tasted.

Ultimately, CAFO2015 is the fruit all the CAFO member organizations, churches and volunteers choosing to join together in a vision larger than any one of us.

And together, all of us who are a part of this want to thank a special group that has gone all out to make CAFO2015 a success, the Summit Champions.

The Summit Champions each sponsor Summit financially in a substantive way to help keep registration costs lower than virtually any major conference out there.   And they’ve contributed in other ways also, from providing “back office” support with overflowing Summit-related emails…to aid in Summit marketing…to offering free office space in Nashville.

All of us individuals, organizations and churches that are part of creating CAFO2015 want to send a big thanks to these Champions for helping make our “stone soup” possible. These Champions include:

Bethany Christian ServicesCompassion International

Lifeline Children’s Services

Lifesong for Orphans

Show Hope

Thank you, CAFO2015 Champions!