Work Ongoing in Nepal Despite Fading Media Attention

The world’s attention to tragedy is often sharp but brief. We’re already seeing oft’ repeated pattern in Nepal: a flood of media stories and global philanthropy follow catastrophe for a few weeks…drying to a trickle long before the immense needs have been resolved.

Thankfully, many ministries have a longer view. Even as Nepal’s earthquake fades from the public eye, here are updates shared by CAFO members and partners serving on the ground:


Vision Trust

Sleeping under the stars takes on a whole different meaning when your home was destroyed, when family members were crushed by a massive earthquake, and you have no choice, because it’s called Survival. But this is exactly the scenario in much of Nepal. Vision Trust’s National Director and his team are working tirelessly to distribute relief kits to residents of the Gorkha region. Christians in Nepal are grateful for the assistance they’ve received from donations through Vision Trust and other non-profit organizations and caring individuals. See this 1 minute video and sharable content here and here.


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Forgotten Children Worldwide

In Nepal’s first earthquake on April 25, 2015, FCW’s orphan home in Kathmandu was damaged. Thankfully, no children were in the building at the time, and no one was hurt. The children have been relocated to tents within the ministry complex, until repairs are made. Tremors continue and chaos increases, creating more damage. A relief fund has been set up at our website for repairs and rebuilding, and for the children’s immediate needs. See more info and how to help here.


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All God’s Children International

In the worst earthquakes in 80 years, between 4,000 and 5,000 people have died in Nepal, and too many of those surviving have lost everything. AGCI is actively at work in this tiny country between India and China. Sagarmatha Children’s Home, where AGCI’s sponsored children reside, was damaged, but the children are safe. Relief efforts are focused on orphaned children served by approximately 1,000 institutions in the Kathmandu valley. Clean water and food supplies are scarce. AGCI has developed an emergency response team to aid the most vulnerable children. Any donations to provide for water, food, medical aid, daily care and reconstruction costs will be appreciated. See more info and how to help here.


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Lamb International

Ministry team members and missionaries with LAMb Int’l and on the ground in Nepal cannot help feeling overwhelmed by such immense need, where resources and supplies are scarce. Incoming relief donations were initially being collected and distributed by the government, but now disbursement is allowed directly by the recipient organizations, with only a requirement of reporting how the funds are used. Monetary donations are needed, of course, but also prayers for the workers, as the demands on their time, energy and resources are endless. See more about Lamb’s work and how to help here.


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Hope’s Promise

As one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world, now the people of Nepal have even less access to basic needs after the devastating earthquakes in recent weeks. While the families associated with Hope’s Promise are safe, with recurring aftershocks, most people are too afraid to enter their homes, and spend every day and night on the roads. The lack of clean water, food, medical supplies and housing is still a significant problem. But HP’s team members are grateful for continued safety and the prayers of God’s people. See more and how to help here.


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East-West Ministries International

Out of our ministry partners working in Nepal, all are accounted for. But many of their relatives are not. Homes are gone and entire villages are rubble, forcing individuals and families to live in makeshift quarters on blankets and under tarps. The Director of Nepal (with EWMI) has gathered workers to deliver supplies to those affected. Generous donations will help them rebuild their lives and their communities. The East-West Ministries national field leader in Nepal wrote this week saying, “The people are soft toward the gospel, and such kind acts will help them understand our love—and God’s love—for them.” Together, believers can bring help to our national partners and hope to those around them. See how to help here.


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Samaritan’s Purse

Due to recent earthquakes in Nepal, not only are residents of the Kathmandu Valley in desperate need, but also those living in the surrounding mountain villages. Emergency relief efforts have been in place since the first quake hit, and continue, through the generous donations of believers around the world. As trained SP workers and volunteers provide food, water, shelter, cooking kits, blankets, medical and personal hygiene supplies, they’re able to express the love of Christ in a tangible way with the people of this region. See more and how to help here.