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From National H.E.L.P. Week — A Little Love Can Go Long Way

Last month, CAFO launched the first national H.E.L.P. Week for Child Welfare Professionals, May 10-16. (See the HELP Week video below.) We’ve heard back from people around the country who seized the opportunity – using HELP week as an occasion to express gratitude and love for the people serving kids day-in and day-out in the […]

HTSP and Orphans: Human Need Issues Never Stand Alone

Written jointly with Dr. Jenny Dyer as op-ed for the Christian Post. Those of us who care deeply about human needs often speak as if the one issue we’re most passionate about stands alone: hunger, AIDS, poverty, governance, trafficking. The two of us have fallen into that trap at times, too. But here’s a vital […]

Building the Brain — Simple Video Explains Why the Intangibles Are Essential

Last evening, my 3-year old “hid” from us by wrapping herself in a tablecloth. I knew the game. I’ve played it with her and each of her older siblings more times than I could count. And the reaction is always the same: sparking eyes…shrieks of delight…a glowing face…as I seek her, find her, sweep her […]

The Little Things: From Foster Homes to the Working World

“A lot of the things that you should learn growing up from a parent – most foster parents don’t offer that.” These words come from a young man whose time in foster care spanned more than 30 different foster homes. Getting more specific, he describes, “You might never figure out how to get a job, […]

Connecting the Dots in Canada

“But we’re not leaders!” This was the response 2 years ago when I invited Harold and Wendi Park, from Canada, to join our first Collaborate forum for global leaders. But after some discussion, they agreed to join about 75 other orphan care advocates from around the world, gathering to discuss how local church-led movements help […]