Why is CAFO2015 in a Rap Video?

No one at CAFO2015 will soon forget the live FLT interview of Bishop Aaron Blake…and its amazing surprise crescendo. You’ll be able to hear the full interview later this year on FLT. But today, you can catch parts of it in a new rap video from none other than Bishop Blake’s “grafted in” son, rapper Diego “The GoGetta” Fuller.

You’ll love it – from the glimpses of both beauty and pain in Diego’s life story to the memorable clips from CAFO 2015. At 4:15 starts a powerful mini-message from Bishop Blake. (And BONUS, at 3:57 you can catch Dennis Rainy doing a “rap fan arm wave” in the shadows!)

“You’re not a foster child. You’re grafted in, into my home. You can call me ‘Pops.’ Everything that belongs to me belongs to you.”

The CAFO2015 clips start at 1:47…