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The Future Relics of Foster Care

Earlier this week, I found a foreign object on my front porch. It was a strange book with a picture of a municipal building on the front cover.  It was clear from the moment I opened it that this was not going to be great reading. However, it was extraordinarily organized.  Every single line was […]

Foster Care, Pigs, and the Power of the Oreo

Last weekend we took the kids to the very last day of the Texas State Fair. There are lots of things to love about the fair:  funnel cakes, free samples, sheep-filled barns (who doesn’t love looking at a well-raised sheep?), horse shows, and fireworks.  However, my favorite thing just might be the pig races.  If […]

Why Orphan Statistics Matter…And the One that Matters Most of All

Yes, it’s the day you’ve been waiting for: World Statistics Day. It may not be a Federal Holiday…or even a cause for an office party…but statistics do matter. Accurate statistics help us to better understand our world, communicate wisely about the needs around us, and address complex situations effectively. Mistaken or misused statistics can do […]

New “Inspired by a Child” Video is…Okay, I’ll say it…Inspiring

After many times through, I still haven’t yet watched the new “Inspired by a Child” video without getting at least a little lump in my throat. It’s simple, but offers poignant glimpses of the stories at the heart of CAFO’s National Foster Care Initiative. It’s easy for foster care advocates to get caught up in […]

How Many Band-Aids for that Bag of Chips?

Throughout history, various cultures have used some interesting things as currency at one time or another. Here are just a few: Italy:  Parmesan Cheese East Africa:  Salt (many other places have used salt as well) Central America:  Cocoa Beans Central Asia:  Tea Bricks Russia:  Squirrel Pelts (the snouts, claws, and ears were even used as […]

Blank Paper, Lame Lunches, and the God of “More Than Enough”

Yesterday, my 6-year-old daughter came home from school with a stack of pictures she had drawn for various members of our family. Each one was very thoughtful and contained a picture of that person’s favorite thing. When she got to mine, she handed me a blank piece of paper. “Here you go, daddy. I didn’t […]