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The Grateful Foster Care Advocate and the Road Behind Us

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and it may come with all sorts of associations for you. These might include family, football, cranberry sauce still shaped like the can, and Aunt Wanda’s lovingly roasted (but slightly petrified) turkey. And for many of you it will also likely involve travel. You’ll load up all your turkeys in […]

Would You Rather Draw a Picture of a Cow or Get a Root Canal?

I’ve found myself in the middle of a very interesting (albeit informal) sociological experiment recently. We’ve written a children’s book about 344 people in Nebraska who worked together to move a barn that was flooding. We have been using this story as a parable for what God is doing across the country for kids in […]

The Movement is Alive in East Africa!

Guest blog post from Director for Global Movements, David Hennessey. For the last 2 weeks, I’ve witnessed local churches in Uganda and Kenya pour their hearts out for the fatherless in their communities and their nations. It’s quite a humbling experience to see Christians who are living in poverty themselves give of their funds, food […]

 What is Ashley Seeing on a Cross-Country Orphan Sunday Tour?

Our very own Ashley Otani – CAFO’s Director for Social & Visual Media – had a wild idea. She needed to get from CA to NC anyway. So instead of skipping everything in the middle by flying, she decided to make it a won’t-get-quite-enough-sleep cross country trip to visit people involved in Orphan Sunday from […]