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Seven Major Trends in the Orphan Care Movement 2015

2015 has been yet another vibrant, dynamic year for the Christian orphan care movement.  Fresh growth and fresh challenges. Stubborn dilemmas and stubborn perseverance. Wise veterans and new voices. And amidst it all, the intertwining of great hurt and great beauty, woven together in ways rarely seen in any other realm. What major trends have […]

In Case You Want to Be a Flying Reindeer When You Grow Up

When you ask most five-year-olds what they want to be when they grow up, you know the standard answers: A fireman A doctor A Ballerina Lebron James However, when one of our oldest daughters (now 15, who, by the way, has given me permission to tell this story) was little, she answered this question consistently […]

How an Ugly Sweater Saved Me

I was in early elementary school and my older brother (who was in high school) had taken me into town with him to a basketball game. It was raining that day and he was driving our very old (maybe 1974) green International pick-up truck. This is what every high school boy dreams of: driving an […]

Important Book: In Defense of the Fatherless

The book In Defense of the Fatherless was released earlier this year by Sarah Brinton and Amanda Bennett. It is important, articulate, and well worth wrestling with. Even beyond all the details and arguments it presents – which I know will draw a wide range of both affirmations and thoughtful counter-points from those who read […]

Want a Glimpse through the Eyes of an Orphan?

The short film Trusha shows the life of a boy growing in a Russian orphanage. It is just 22 minutes, but lingers with me still, two weeks after watching it – a haunting feeling of ache and love for a tender boy whose hopes and hurts reflect those of many. Truth be told, even for […]