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How Potluck Dinners Can Make Us Better Foster Care Advocates

I grew up in small Kansas town in a fairly traditional church setting.   Those two factors combined meant, among other things, that you could always count on a good potluck dinner served several times a year. I would have assumed then that the potluck was a universal practice. I’ve since learned in talking to others […]

Reflections on Adoption from a Champion of In-Country Orphan Care

My friend Trace Thurlby and his family welcomed a new son this week – a 13-year old boy from China, Liam. I was moved by Trace’s reflections on this momentous day and asked his permission to share them here. Trace helps lead CAFO Member the Global Orphan Project. Like so many of the remarkable men […]

Keep on Trying, Puppies are Cute

Last week, Minnesota Vikings’ kicker, Blair Walsh, missed a 27-yard field goal attempt with 26 seconds left that would have won the NFC Wild Card game over the Seattle Seahawks (the Vikings lost 10-9). It will come as no surprise to you that the social media world was ruthless. However, first grade teacher, Judie Offerdahl, […]

 Moving Photos from Nepal that Reveal Much

When Westerners view the wider world through their TVs and computer screens, they often see little more than images of need. It’s civil war and tsunami, poverty and famine. (The notable exceptions to this tend to be images of natural beauty.)  Perhaps that’s unavoidable. Sensationalism and struggle are always far more likely to be recounted […]

A New Year and Nice New Pointy Crayons

One time for Christmas, some of our kids got those fancy coloring books made for adults. I immediately begged my 6-year-old daughter at the time to let me color one of her pages.  She mercifully decreed that it be so, and I soon found myself lost in the microscopic intricacies of the fanciest pigeon you’ve […]