Hunting Gigantic Birds with a BB Gun and Other Things That End in Disappointment

I come from a family of hunters. Every year on the first day of pheasant season, we would wake up mere minutes after falling asleep (at least it seemed that way) to go meet up with a bunch of equally sleep deprived family friends. Nothing quite like 25 sleepy people walking together through a muddy field at sunrise with loaded guns.

Decked out in 3 layers of clothes complete with long johns, a couple pair of socks, boots and a stocking cap (you know the kind with the giant pom-pom on top), I set out with these fanatically committed adults carrying my trusty BB gun.

The truth is, my primary contribution to this annual excursion certainly didn’t have anything to do with me shooting anything. I was valuable simply because I had feet. My job was to keep my spot in the horizontal line of people extending across the field and shuffle through in the hope that my feet would scare up a pheasant that someone else (with an actual gun) would shoot dead. In reality, when a pheasant comes crazily flapping out of the stubble right in front of you, it will scare the life right out of you – especially when you are eight.

Even with my BB gun I would still take shots at things, but my hunting really had little impact on the end result because I did not have the needed firepower.

Many of us march into advocacy for children with our nearly fanatical commitment, our sleep deprivation, and our strategic plan but when it comes down to it, we are carrying a spiritual BB gun. I’m referring to prayer.

We pray to open and close meetings but do we live out the reality that the real power in speaking up for children and having people respond comes from the God of the Universe that cares about hurting kids way more than we ever could.

Prayer is central to everything we do in movement building. No significant spiritual movement in history has started apart from prayer. And when we talk about working together to eventually provide more than enough for kids and families in foster care, it is going to take a significant spiritual movement.

For almost two years, there have been national foster care leaders praying together by phone nearly every weekday for God to provide more than enough for kids in foster care in every state. Now, it is time to extend that prayer strategy into every state. We are looking for 4 people in each state to make a minimum six-month commitment to leading a prayer call together by phone once-per-week for 15 minutes.   We call it the Foster Care 15. If you’d like to be a part of getting this launched for the kids in your state, simply click here to learn more.

The need in front of us is daunting, but God has the power to take care of all of it. Let’s align our hearts with his and ask Him to . . . not because He needs us to ask Him, but because He’s inviting us in to witness His power and His great love for these kids.