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An Open Letter to Social Workers Everywhere

Note:  The second annual National HELP Week for Child Welfare professionals is coming up May 8-15. Visit to learn some easy and practical ways your church can rally around the workers in your community to Honor, Encourage, Love and Pray for them.  Also, be sure to check out our H.E.L.P. Notecards specifically created to […]

A Film that Tells Stories Far Too Rarely Told

Some stories are over-told. (#Kardashian, anyone?) Other stories are under-told.  Some of the most under-told of all are the stories of families that have chosen not to let orphaned children’s “special need” keep them from belonging. At least one-third of international adoptions last year were of children with special needs. For some Christian adoption agencies, […]

The Power of Tools and Why You Need Them in Foster Care Advocacy

This morning one of my daughters told me that she wanted to climb Mt. Everest someday. When I asked her why, she said, “Because I like to make snowmen.” Sometimes we make things harder than we need to. I remember one time in particular I was hanging a large cabinet in our laundry room by […]

Farewell, Dr. Karyn Purvis

My throat caught and my shoulders dropped when I heard the news today: Dr. Karyn Purvis ended her long battle with cancer, losing her body to the disease, but confident in a final victory over death through her faith in Christ. Countless parents and friends share the sorrow of this moment. We not only mourn […]

Glimpses of Heaven and God’s Amazing Love at CAFO’s Summit

Today we have a guest blog post from Debbie Croft, whose first experience of the CAFO Summit came last year… I’d never been surrounded by such international flavor, wrapped in Kingdom purpose and love, until last May. I had flown from California to Tennessee, to attend CAFO’s Summit for the first time. Representatives of every […]

A 105-Year-Old Woman on a Baseball Field and Other Things That Might Surprise You

This week marked the opening of the Major League Baseball season. Easily the best baseball story of the week comes from Texas where 105-year-old Elizabeth Sullivan got up from her wheel chair to throw out the first pitch at a Texas Rangers game. As you might expect, the crowd went wild. Obviously, Elizabeth Sullivan has […]