A Film that Tells Stories Far Too Rarely Told

Some stories are over-told. (#Kardashian, anyone?) Other stories are under-told.  Some of the most under-told of all are the stories of families that have chosen not to let orphaned children’s “special need” keep them from belonging.

At least one-third of international adoptions last year were of children with special needs. For some Christian adoption agencies, this percentage rises to 50% or higher.

The parents adopting these children pledge to walk together with them for a lifetime. They embrace the challenges – from a cleft palate or missing limb, to Down’s syndrome, blindness or HIV – alongside what they view as far greater rewards in hugs and tears and laughter.

The journey these new-forged families undertake overflows with all that makes for great stories: joy and ache, sacrifice and small victories, hopes lost and hopes restored. These are stories well-worth telling.

The new film, Find Me, does just that. With remarkable intimacy, Find Me weaves together the stories of three children, growing up as orphans with special needs in China, and the families that become their families.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 3.58.14 PMThe film begins unpretentiously, and builds slowly into its richness. It tells of hearts waking, lives changing as they intertwine, and the beginnings of far larger stories that will stretch a lifetime and beyond.

The film is not the complete story, of course. It tell only a little of the countless small, hard, daily actions of parental care, made again and again, which can make life-as-it-once-was feel unrecognizable. It cannot tell us what the journey will looks like after 5 years, or predict where hopes might become ashes before becoming hopes all over again.

But that is not its goal. Rather, Find Me gives a glimpse – a deeply moving glimpse – of the first steps of that long journey, and the people who have chosen to take it. Perhaps best of all, Find Me shows that it is not larger-than-life Saints that adopt children with special needs, but rather women and men like you and me. And watching them, we are left deeply convinced that whatever lies ahead for these families, they have chosen lives worth living…and stories worth telling.

You can see the trailer and buy the DVD HERE.