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Finding Your Something in Foster Care

My brother-in-law and I live in the same town. Attend the same church. Eat at the same restaurants. Play on the same softball team, hang out at the same family functions and are both relatively quiet guys. But aside from those things, we couldn’t be more different. My career has mostly involved standing on stages […]

Foster Care and the Do-It-Yourself Swimming Pool

One day a few weeks ago, our 7-year-old son wanted to go to the neighborhood swimming pool, but we could not go that particular day. Frustrated but not deterred, he went out into the back yard to play. A short time later I went outside to check on things and found that he had looted […]

3 Things Foster Care Taught Me About Being a Dad

ONE:  Tomorrow with my kids is not guaranteed This is true for every parent but becomes uniquely real when you are a foster parent. We all intellectually know that our children (biological, or adopted) are a gift for today and that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow with them. Foster care brings home this truth […]

Why Sabbatical? Plunging into Two Fallow Months

My heart is full of gratitude as I plunge today into a two-month Sabbatical.   This time comes as an immense gift. I pray it will be rich – perhaps in ways that I do not now expect – in refreshment…in heightened clarity…and in coming to share more deeply the heart of Jesus. In short, I […]

Seven Vital Gift Habits: What Can We Do To Grow Down?

A central theme of CAFO2016 was growing down before upward. (See the talk, “Growing Down.”) It’s fair to ask, why would this matter for people already so committed to justice and mercy? Because nothing but this downward growth will enable us to persevere through the heartache, disappointments and struggle that inevitably come as we draw […]