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Is Your First Desire to Grow Upward…Or Down?

The CAFO2016 talk “Growing Down” explores why it is that, if we hope to persevere in long journeys of justice and mercy, we must grow down before we grow upward. Of course, most of us would say we do desire to grow down – to nurture a rich inner life, to be a person of […]

Three Reasons You Might Be Having Trouble Engaging Churches in Foster Care

One of the most common comments I’ve heard over the years from people trying to get their church or other churches engaged in foster care is that a certain church or church leader doesn’t “get it.” We as foster care advocates feel thwarted in our genuine efforts to find foster and adoptive families for kids. […]

Growing Down: CAFO2016 Keynote

From CAFO2016 Remarks: The world does not need more Christian leaders grown tall; it desperately needs Christians grown deep. We need Christians who can persevere amidst disappointment. Who can continue to love even when there is no visible result. We need Christians whose demeanor looks like Jesus, whose very presence feels like the presence of […]