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Feeling Alone in World of Amazing Parents and Football Heroes

There were just a few seconds left on the clock and we were still about 30 yards from the end zone. We gathered in the huddle and our quarterback called the play. I was the receiver and on this play, the pass was coming to me.   I knew this was our last chance and it […]

Building Local Capacity through Short Term Missions

It’s mid-summer in the US, and that means hundreds, if not thousands, of Christians are departing and returning from short-term missions around the world. Many of these teams visit orphans in developing nations, conduct Vacation Bible Schools, assist with building projects, and share the love of Christ with everyone they come to meet. For many […]

How the Injustices Done to You Can Change the World Through You

We recently sat with friends over dinner who shared with us that God was leading them to foster care. They said they always had a sense this would be in store for them, but were hesitant on timing – life had become comfortable for them again with good jobs, two children and an overall healthy rhythm for […]

Happy Independence Day! Or is it?

Throughout their young lives, we prepare our children for independence. From a young age, we teach them to be careful around strangers, look both ways before crossing the street, and eat their vegetables. As they enter school-age, we praise their accomplishments and stick with them through their challenges, and attend their games, recitals and plays. […]