BBQ, Orphan Care and How Everyone in Your Church Can Do Something

I recently met an older gentleman in Oklahoma. I had just finished speaking at an event for a church and he was catering the food for the night. Part of my message included an appeal to the church to empower every individual member to “find their something” – to understand that we’re not all called to do the same things, but that we’re all capable of doing something. Afterwards, he wanted to tell me what his “something” was.

He told me he makes the best BBQ in the state (a bold claim!) and LOVES to cater any orphan care ministry related event at their church including respite nights for couples, info meetings for those considering getting involved and even taking meals over to families homes who have had a new child placed with them. He said that while he may not be in a position to bring a child into his home he can certainly do his best to serve those who are. For him, it meant making sure these families in his church had the best BBQ in Oklahoma. What a gift!

I loved his enthusiasm, his commitment and his absolute clarity about two things: 1) He knew what he couldn’t do and, 2) He knew what he could do – and he was resolved to do what he could do with excellence and passion for the sake of these families.

This is just one of the many fascinating people I’ve met around the country, and church cultures I’ve been blessed to be a part of, that have done a fantastic job of cultivating environments that empower people to “find their something” and then set them free to do it. That is, after all, how the Body of Christ works. We’re a collective diversity of unique individuals coming together – all with different gifts, passions, resources, experiences and capacities – not in uniformity, as if we’re all the same, but in unity, recognizing our differences and bringing them together for the common good. Scripture likens it to a physical body, where some are ears, some eyes, some hands, some feet, etc. (1 Corinthians 12) Unique parts all coming together for the common good – not all called to do the same thing but all certainly capable of doing something. That’s how a body works.

  • So how do we communicate that message to our church?
  • How do we engage everyone from the student to the senior citizen in caring for the orphaned and vulnerable?
  • How does that message influence the structure and strategy of our ministry?
  • How do we infuse the care of the orphaned and vulnerable into the foundational culture of our church?

Join us on Wednesday, October 5th at 2:00(EST) for the “Everyone Can Do Something: Building a Culture of Orphan Care in Your Church” webinar. In this webinar we will explore how we don’t just want to lead a peripheral orphan care ministry that a few people in our church are involved with, but rather want to work towards establishing a culture of orphan care that everyone in our church has a role to play in. We’ll highlight key principles to consider and provide practical tools, real-life models and implementable “next steps” for you and your leadership team.

As an added bonus, everyone who attends the webinar will receive a FREE download of the new PDF Guide Book, “Everyone Can Do Something”! This new, engaging resource will supplement the material discussed in the webinar and can be used for on-going dialogue among you and your team.

The opportunities for your church to engage in the care of the orphaned and vulnerable are as endless and diverse as each individual member of your body. Join us on October 5th as we discover what that could look like!