2nd Gift of the 12 Days of Christmas for YOU!

This year, we’d like to give you “12 Days of Christmas” from the Christian Alliance for Orphans.  It’s been an incredible year — we are so thankful for you and all the ways God’s people are rising for orphans around the world! Enjoy these 12 Days of gifts from us to you.

On the second day of Christmas CAFO gave to you…

Growing Down Resource Pack

A central theme of CAFO2016 was growing down before reaching upward and out.

It’s fair to ask, why would this matter for people already so committed to justice and mercy?

Because nothing but this downward growth will enable us to persevere through the heartache, disappointments and struggle that inevitably come as we draw near to the world’s hurt.  Only by growing down first can we produce good fruit that will last.

But how? What can we do to cultivate downward growth?

Of course, we cannot create growth on our own, any more than a farmer creates an apple. God alone brings life. But He invites us to participate with Him in that downward growth, just as a farmer participates with God in cultivating a field.

Use this resource pack as a guide…

Growing Down Video Solitude Guide Reading List