11th Gift of the 12 Days of Christmas for YOU!

This year, we’d like to give you “12 Days of Christmas” from the Christian Alliance for Orphans. It’s been an incredible year — we are so thankful for you and all the ways God’s people are rising for orphans around the world! Enjoy these 12 Days of gifts from us to you.


On the eleventh day of Christmas CAFO gave to you…

On Understanding Orphan Statistics

Accurate statistics help us to better understand our world, communicate wisely about the needs around us, and address complex situations effectively.

If we are to communicate with humility, credibility and integrity, Christian orphan advocates must both accurately understand and carefully present orphan-related statistics. Failure to do so undermines the strength of our advocacy and can misguide the actions that organizations, churches and individuals take on behalf of orphans. Meanwhile, an accurate grasp and communication of the true nature of the need provides a strong foundation for an effective, well-focused response.

Download Why Statistics Matter