12th Gift of the 12 Days of Christmas for YOU!

This year, we’d like to give you “12 Days of Christmas” from the Christian Alliance for Orphans. It’s been an incredible year — we are so thankful for you and all the ways God’s people are rising for orphans around the world! Enjoy these 12 Days of gifts from us to you.


On the twelfth day of Christmas CAFO gave to you…

Three Principles to Consider and Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Launching and Leading an Orphan Care Ministry at Your Church (e-book)

The goal of your ministry is sustainability, not speed. It’s not necessary to do many things as much as it’s about doing the right things. The needs of vulnerable children and families are overwhelming, and the opportunities to engage are endless. However, as a leader, how do we prioritize the key objectives of our ministry? How do we build in safeguards that keep us focused on first things first? How do we learn the art of saying “no” sometimes and not “yes” all the time?

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