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Re-Imagining the Child Welfare System as We Know it Is No Joke

So a nuclear engineer, a judge, and a professor walk into a comedy club in downtown Minneapolis.   They sit down at tables filled with construction paper, Legos, Play-do and cardboard. Sounds like a joke, right? This past week I had the opportunity to join 99 other passionate people from around the country from a variety […]

My Favorite Graduation Speech Ever

I’ve heard many graduation speeches and remember few.  But this is one I won’t soon forget.  Truth be told, after a friend shared it with me recently, I quickly decided it was — in its own humble way — the best I’ve ever heard…not to mention the shortest. It’s just raw video of a young […]

ONE Can Be a Really Big Number When it Comes to Foster Care

The number 1 gets lots of press when it comes to ranking things in order. First place, first chair, first round draft pick. After all, who doesn’t want to be first? But as a quantity, the number 1 is unimpressive. It’s barely more than zero and merely half as much as it’s neighbor, number 2. […]

5 Big Takeaways from CAFO2017

CAFO2017 was unforgettable.  As we’re hearing from so many people now back “on mission” across the US and around the world, five big themes keep popping up.  They struck a deep chord in many hearts.  I pray they’ll continue to shape us all over the year ahead. 1) God uses brokenness to create beauty. “Dust […]