My Favorite Graduation Speech Ever

I’ve heard many graduation speeches and remember few.  But this is one I won’t soon forget.  Truth be told, after a friend shared it with me recently, I quickly decided it was — in its own humble way — the best I’ve ever heard…not to mention the shortest.

It’s just raw video of a young woman encouraging her high school classmates with simple truths and her own story.  But this isn’t just any young woman.

Destiny Twohill was left on the steps of a Chinese orphanage on a freezing night in November.  The orphanage staff — in a triage decision — initially determined she wasn’t worth trying to keep alive.  But last week, Destiny graduated valedictorian.  And if her classmates — and perhaps others who see this video — begin to see their choices as Destiny urges them to….well, we might hear a lot more stories like Destiny’s.