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The soon-to-release film Mully tells the real-life tale of Charles Mully, an abandoned child of Kenya’s streets turned business magnate. He and his family had come to know all the lavish trappings of success. But in a dramatic turn, Mully senses God calling them away from privilege and power, to give themselves instead to the […]

Fixing Foster Care and Refrigerators in Unexpected Ways

A couple of years ago, our fridge went out. Meat was thawing, ice was dripping, and worst of all, the leftover ice cream cake in the freezer was in great peril. The very kind repairman showed up that afternoon and, after doing his thing for like three minutes, came back and told me the heater […]

Rumblings of Deep Change in Guatemala

Last Thursday night, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake sent shockwaves from the ocean floor off Mexico’s southern coast. Harm was significant in southern Mexico. Even in Guatemala City where I was, tall buildings swayed like trees in a storm. But a very different kind of rumbling came the next two days, with potential to leave an […]

Riding Shotgun and What It Can Teach us About the Foster Parenting Experience

We have twin teenage daughters currently learning how to drive.   Their learning experience is much different from mine.   My childhood was spent in a small Kansas farming community, but our family lives in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area.  The girls are learning to drive on paved streets, while much of my initial driving […]

3 Things the Cajun Navy Can Teach Us About Responding to Foster Care

As our attention and prayers have been turned toward the people of Houston this past week in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a particular group of citizens have become highly visible in a number of news stories. The Cajun Navy, made up ordinary people from Louisiana and surrounding states, have mobilized and organized largely through […]