Orphan Sunday is Here!

It is here!  This is the weekend that Orphan Sunday will be observed around the globe…along with other expressions of God’s special love for vulnerable children.

Along with the diverse expressions of Orphan Sunday, some U.S. churches will use the name “Stand Sunday” to invite Christians to stand for children and families in local foster care.  Meanwhile, in Europe, many congregations will use Orphan Sunday to shine a light on unaccompanied minor refugees.   And, for the first time this year, Jewish congregations are participating in “Orphan Shabbat” to spotlight the call to “defend the weak and the fatherless.”  (Psalm 8:23)

Over the past 30 days, believers worldwide have been praying and preparing their hearts to align with God’s.  Let’s all continue in prayer that the thousands of events planned will each be a true catalyst, helping believers to know and reflect God’s true character more fully in our daily lives.

Whatever your local congregation may be doing, we invite you to join with others worldwide in the following opportunities:


Friday evening at 7:00 PM Eastern on CAFO’s Facebook page, we will be hosting a live evening of prayer. This live Facebook event will feature foster and adoptive families and youth praying for each and every event that has registered on the Orphan Sunday website. We invite you to join in this special evening of prayer.


Continuing in this posture of prayer and petition throughout Orphan Sunday weekend, we would also like to invite you to spend some time in fasting for the millions of orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.

In a world soaked in instant gratification, going without something we’re used to can be hard. In fact, some of the blessing of fasting comes through this very sting – it reminds of how weak and vulnerable we are apart from God’s daily sustenance.  And even if your fasting is refraining from something besides food that you feel “sustains” you – whether TV or social media or an hour of sleep – this “loss” can create space and a heart-stance for prayer and special fellowship with God.

Fasting can also give us greater empathy and compassion for the weak and the many children living without food and comforts. As we prepare to fast, may it draw us closer to see and respond to the heart of our God, the “Father to the fatherless.”


As Orphan Sunday and Stand Sunday events and observances occur across all 50 states and in more than 85 countries, continue to pray that God’s people will be united and focused in prayer and action for the orphaned and vulnerable child.  Pray that God will work powerfully through each event, ultimately enabling the world to see His love made visible through the loving actions of His people.

There is also still time to find an Orphan Sunday expression near you. To learn more and locate an event near you, explore the Orphan Sunday map.