EXPANDED: Guidance for Short-Term Missions Now Paired with Real-Life Models

In March, the Christian Alliance for Orphans released, “Wise Short-Term Missions:  8 Principles for Benefiting Orphans and Vulnerable Children.”  As affirmed in the guide, “Short-term missions trips carry potential for much good and much harm. Wise engagement is critical, especially when we hope to benefit children.”

Now, an expanded version of the guide is available, including 10 real-world alternative models and 6 case studies of the principles applied on actual short-term missions trips.  Organizations and churches can draw freely from these ideas as they shape their own missions programs – working to minimize risk and maximize benefits for children…and everyone involved.

See the new, expanded version: “Wise Short-Term Missions:  Principles and Practice for Benefiting Orphans and Vulnerable Children.”   

We’ll get to explore these models together via webinar on August 22 at 2 PM eastern, “Wise Short-Term Missions: Models & Case Studies for Benefitting Orphans and Vulnerable Children.” Register HERE.

If you’d like to dig deeper, we’d also encourage you to read Faith to Action’s excellent guide, Short-Term Missions: Guidance to Support Orphans and Vulnerable Children, which carries more extensive examination, insight, and ideas on short term missions.

For more on why CAFO believes wise practice in short-term missions is essential, see HERE.