Rule Your Technology…Or It Will Rule You

What do our personal tech habits have to do with ministry?  Little.  And far more than we often imagine.

We can still run a nonprofit…serve on a board…foster or adopt – even if our use of screens is a bit out of hand.

But over time, there may be nothing that will more profoundly shape the character and fruit of our lives than the place we give to technology.  This includes everything from our most intimate relationships, to our anxiety levels, to our capacity to lead well.

An article I wrote for this month’s Outcomes magazine explores this theme.  It touches on ways technology subtly changes us, often when we least notice…and small steps to take control.  It begins:

I love my technology. Yet I also know this: if I do not dominate my screens, they dominate me. When that happens, my soul withers and my leadership fails. But simple choices can make all the difference.

Read the full article, Taming Technology.