Air1 and KLOVE Raise a Call for Foster Care & Orphans

This weekend, Air1 and KLOVE took to the air for kids in need of families – highlighting the Bible’s call and how ordinary people can make a difference.

You can catch the recording and article now on the KLOVE and Air1 websites:  Foster Dad Says, “You Never Outgrow The Need For A Family.”

As the written article describes, “You never outgrow the need for a family.  You may no longer need someone to tie your shoes in the morning, but you do always need a place to go to for holidays, someone you can for advice, someone with you who can figure out how to apply for junior college.”

It also reminds, “[N]ot everyone is called to take a child into their home, but…everyone can do something. ‘Every one of us can play a role in making the church a place of ‘welcome’ for children the world has forgotten.’”