She Took an X-Ray of the Hearts of the CAFO Board…and This is What We Saw

CAFO’s board met this week in Dallas.  It’s among the finest groups of leaders I’ve ever had the privilege to learn from and work with:  gracious and wise, innovative and insightful, humble and Christ-hearted.

Our three new additions this year – Dr. Albert Reyes, Aixa de Lopez and Dr. Jerry Haag – only add to the depth and richness.

As usual, minutes were recorded to capture all that transpired.  But, unbeknownst to the rest of us, Aixa de Lopez was recording her own “minutes.”

She called them “doodle notes” – short phrases and sketches of the thoughts and ideas that bubbled up over the two days, especially those touching matters of the heart.  She shared them with us all afterwards, and I asked if it’d be okay for me to share them with others.

These notes aren’t sketch out the strategic plans and priorities mapped during the meeting.  They offer a different gift, providing a glimpse of the hearts that lie beneath those plans.

If you ever wonder what’s going on in the hearts of the CAFO Board, here’s a picture…