So, We Did Orphan Sunday. Now What?!

Orphan Sunday, and its counterpart Stand Sunday are unique opportunities set aside every November for churches around the country – and around the world – to recognize God’s heart for vulnerable and orphaned children and call their people to respond in a variety of ways.

While your church may choose to recognize Orphan Sunday on a different date during the year, or perhaps participate in an Orphan Sunday type service or event in a different way, the heart of Orphan Sunday remains the same – God has uniquely called and equipped the Church to care for orphans and vulnerable children – and we are better when we do that together!

That’s what Orphan Sunday is about.

But it doesn’t end there…

What happens after Orphan Sunday?

Orphan Sunday does not simply have to be a single event; rather, it can be a doorway into further engagement. It has the capacity to feed a pipeline of continued resourcing, connection, support and activation for people as they pursue their best next steps towards foster care, adoption or family support in some capacity.

One question for church leaders to plan through is, “What should we do on Orphan Sunday?” And perhaps an equally important question for them to prepare for is, “What should we do after Orphan Sunday?”

That’s why we’ve put this simple PDF document together for you. It’s drawn from principles found in a section of the new book, “Everyone Can Do Something: Strategically Rallying Your Church Around the Orphaned and Vulnerable” and outlines in detail one simple yet incredibly strategic thing you can do as a follow-up to your Orphan Sunday event.

In it you will discover:

  • Why connecting people in smaller circles is important.
  • What a “bridge” event is.
  • How to plan and promote a “bridge” event.
  • What to do at a “bridge” event.
  • And more…

This is it! It’s happening. You’re recognizing Orphan Sunday at your church! Now what? Download your next steps guide below.