Thanksgiving for Orphan Sunday

This Thanksgiving, our hearts are full of gratitude and expectation for the glorious fruit of  Orphan Sunday 2018

by Jodi Jackson Tucker, International Director of Orphan Sunday

Ten years into CAFO’s shepherding of Orphan Sunday, we continue to be amazed at the way God uses this simple idea, born in a small and hard-pressed church in Zambia, to create seismic change for vulnerable children.

November 11, 2018 reverberated with the largest number of registered observances in the U.S., as over 1,700 American churches and organizations joined the global impact.


Both Orphan Sunday and its sister expression, Stand Sunday, burst forth in churches large and small, embracing a beautiful diversity of denominations.

Leaders used their voice to echo this call across many platforms and social media, including

governmental leaders like Senator Lankford of Oklahoma,

And thought leaders like well-known author and theologian Dr. Russel Moore, President of Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

Popular Christian author and women’s ministry leader, Lisa Harper, joined the chorus.


Watch the Video from Lisa Harper

And we were blessed by a rallying call from champion athletes like Tim Tebow,

Watch the Video from Tim Tebow

And 800 Meter World Champion Chanelle Price.

Watch the Video of Chanelle Price

And expressions in the local church rang out, from a gathering to discuss foster care and adoption in Missouri…

To prayer for children in foster care at Las St. Genevieve’s Catholic Church in Las Cruces, New Mexico,

and a pro-life connection at Sioux Falls First in South Dakota.

From a foster care recruitment event in New Jersey,

To a celebration of adopted children at Mission Point Community Church in Indiana.

The beautiful chorus resounded with this unique spoken word by a teen team at The Refuge Church in North Carolina.

Hear the Spoken Word

Meanwhile, Mississippi made a big sound by having an observance in every county in the state!

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Each expression ringing with one accord for vulnerable children and a loving God.

As one church participant shared on Instagram: “At our church today in honor of Orphan Sunday, we want to see orphans find families, foster children in healthy homes, at-risk youth and teen moms mentored but we also long to see the people of God live more sacrificial lives where they have a new and precious dependency on the Lord.”

Countless ministries and organizations also lent their voice to the beautiful symphony of expressions, through newsletters, campaigns and more.

All this was made possible by the tireless team of over 200 coordinators across the U.S. and around the world.

Hear it first hand from impassioned volunteer coordinator Jacob Sturges of Minnesota:

Hear from Jacob Sturges

We are so grateful to our volunteers for their dedication and service.

As the church rises for the orphan and foster child, we know we grow closer to every child experiencing the love of the Father.

More on the global impact of Orphan Sunday in our next post.