Looking Ahead to the CAFO2020 Summit with Coronavirus in View

From global leaders to ordinary citizens, the world is grappling with how best to carry out a wise and well-calibrated response to COVID-19, aka coronavirus.  Like others, CAFO is closely tracking medical experts, public officials and global projections as we analyze how to approach the CAFO2020 Summit in Dallas, May 6-8.

Both expert opinion and public sentiment have shifted significantly in recent days, and likely will continue to evolve rapidly.  We anticipate that the immediate future will see further growth in general concern and in COVID-19’s social and economic impact — followed by plateau and then steady return to more ordinary patterns of life.  The precise timing for this likely trajectory, however, is far from clear.

Local, regional and even national restrictions on gatherings – both mandatory and voluntary – have impacted many events in recent days, and cancellations and closures appear likely to continue for some time.

CAFO remains hopeful that by May, people will again be gathering for public events in most regions of the world.  We are designing a wide range of safeguards to minimize risk for all attendees.  We do anticipate that some members of our international community may need to attend CAFO2020 via technology, rather than in-person this year, and we are making plans for this and other contingencies, should they prove necessary.

However, like many other public events, we’re currently operating with anticipation that — with all appropriate precautions in place – the CAFO community will be able to gather in Rockwall, Texas in May.  We hope you will be there, too!

Any time government and private systems are strained, the most vulnerable are almost always the most impacted.  COVID-19’s mortality rates for children are low, but its net impact upon orphaned children, foster youth and other highly-vulnerable populations in likely to be high.  As we gather, we’ll explore further how each of us can continue to play a consequential role in all this – before, during and after the current expression of coronavirus.

The CAFO team will be re-evaluating our current analysis daily.  Should developments ultimately require more dramatic changes, everyone involved in planning, hosting and sponsoring CAFO2020 would work together – whatever the details – to maximize the deep learning, connection and inspiration that all of us in the global CAFO community draw from Summit every year.

Please continue to follow planning and more information at www.CAFO2020.org