The Connected Parent: Real-Life Strategies for Building Trust and Attachment

There Is Hope for Every Child, Every Parent, and Every Family

Parenting under the best of circumstances can be difficult. And raising children who have come to your home from “hard places,” who have their own set of unique needs, brings even more challenges. You may have discovered that the techniques that worked with your birth children are not working with your adopted or foster child.

In her last written work, the late Founder and Director of The Institute of Child Development and author of The Connected Child, Dr. Karyn Purvis brings us the newly released The Connected Parent.

In this rich resource, Dr. Purvis offers practical advice and powerful tools we can use to encourage secure attachment in our families.  As have so many in the CAFO community, you will undoubtedly benefit from Purvis’ decades of clinical research and deep well of real-world experience as a child development expert. Meanwise, co-author Lisa Qualls (mom to twelve by birth and adoption and also a former foster mom) demonstrates how we can successfully implement these strategies in our homes, just as she did in hers.

You will learn how to simplify your approach using scripts, develop specific habits that nurture your child, combat chronic fear, teach respect, and develop other valuable tools to facilitate a healing connection with your child.

The Connected Parent will help you lovingly guide your children and bring renewed hope and restoration to your family. You can learn more HERE.