FREE CAFO Family Devotional Event & Guide – September 10 – Responding to Evil

Our world today often feels out-of-sorts.  Hurting.  Upside-down.  We feel it.  Our kids do, too.  From the constraints of COVID … to the pain of racial conflict … to personal anxiety.

It all leaves us asking, “What do God’s people do when we encounter evil and brokenness in our world?”

What do God’s people do when we encounter evil and brokenness in our world?

At 7 PM EST on September 10, gather your family or small group for the CAFO Family Devotional.  We’ll join in a time of simple Scriptural truths paired with prayer and song to explore this question.  We’ll come away with four actions the Bible invites us to take whenever we confront the hurt of our world.  Lament.  Repent.  Ascent.  Advent.

I’ll help to guide our time together alongside CAFO Board Member Tony Mitchell.   Our musicians will include Robbie Seay & Davy Flowers, Randall Goodgame (of Slugs & Bugs), and Andrew Peterson (songwriter of “Is He Worthy”).

The CAFO Family Devotional is part of the CAFO2020 “Small Matters” Summit, but does not require registration like other parts of the event.  It’s free and open to all on the CAFO website and Facebook.  The live feed will begin at 6:45 PM EST, and it will be rebroadcast at 10 PM EST/7PM PST.

If you’d like to read and reflect ahead of time, we’d encourage you to download the FREE CAFO resource, RESPONDING TO EVIL:  Four Actions to Teach Our Children – and Ourselves – as We Encounter the World’s Deep Brokenness.