Trent Taylor – A Changed Life Who’s Changing Lives

Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of a growing friendship with a remarkable young man named Trent Taylor.  Trent is just a couple years out of high school, but I can think of few people I respect more, of any age.

Trent has tasted the world at its most broken:  severe neglect, sexual abuse, home after home in the foster system.  No one would blame him for having a chip on his shoulder.  Instead, Trent carries a powerful drive to help others, especially those who’ve faced what he’s faced.

Like many in the CAFO community, Trent is living proof that our places of greatest hurt can become the place of God’s greatest work, both in and through us.  Trent already speaks publicly, writes, and does the “Watch Me Rise” podcast with his mom, Pam.  In all of this, he offers both hope and guidance to youth and parents, with a wisdom beyond his years.  Trent is also working toward a degree in counseling, and last week hit the milestone of an AA, with honors.

The school he’s been attending, Wake Tech in North Carolina, produced a video spotlighting Trent and his story.  Although the short film can’t capture it all – including what I’ve seen of his beautiful relationship with his adoptive parents and his deep commitment to Jesus Christ – it is well worth the four minutes to watch.

Most of all, it not only reminds us how beautiful it is when a life like Trent’s is redeemed… but, even more, when a person who has come to know the love of God and family as Trent has, starts working to spread that love to others!