CAFO2021 SUMMIT: Thank You, Signature Sponsors!

CAFO2021 is just around the corner. As its myriad details weave together, I especially marvel at one thing yet again this year: how so many amazing organizations, churches, and individuals are all playing a part to build CAFO2021.

WITH is not just the theme of CAFO2021. As we gather in Cincinnati, we will see, taste, and feel WITH in the countless ways God’s people have joined with one another to make CAFO2021 what it is.  

From 100+ volunteers to workshop instructors, exhibitors to keynote speakers, musicians to “better together” table coaches… so many are sharing so freely of so much. I am deeply grateful for each and every one. They show what happens when God’s people work together in a vision larger than any of us could achieve alone.

They show what happens when God’s people work together in a vision larger than any of us could achieve alone.

I also want to express special gratitude to our Signature sponsors. (You can learn a bit more about them below.)  Like so many, they are pitching in behind the scenes in other ways as well. But they’ve also chosen to invest generously financially — covering key expenses and helping make CAFO2021 affordable for all of us.  

A BIG thank you to each of these organizations who serve us all through their generosity — going above and beyond to help make CAFO2021 possible!  Thank you to each and every person that is pouring into CAFO2021 from the unique gifts they bring!  And most of all, thanks be to God for His generous gifts given through His people!

Since 2009 ACCU has helped facilitate over 2,000 adoptions through our groundbreaking loan program. ACCU is more than a banking institution, we’re a body of believers – grounded in faith –supporting ministries and individuals for over 63 years!


Care for Children’s vision is to see a world of children in families. Our mission is to serve governments of nations to pioneer a positive alternative to institutional care by placing children into local, loving families in the community. By also mobilizing the church to lead by example, for over 20 years Care for Children has witnessed the transformation of welfare systems and children’s lives by the power of the family.


CarePortal is a care-sharing technology platform where urgent, vetted needs of children in crisis are shared with local churches and community members, giving them the opportunity to respond with the resources to help.


Lifesong for Orphans mobilizes the Church to care for the orphaned and vulnerable through adoption financial assistance, Gospel-centered orphan care, and foster care initiates. 100% of gifts to Lifesong directly help orphaned and vulnerable children.


Show Hope is a nationally recognized voice in adoption advocacy and orphan care. Founded in 2003 by Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman, this faith-based nonprofit exists to care for orphans by engaging the Church and reducing barriers to adoption.