Just in Time for Labor Day — New Podcast Episode on Work, Purpose, and Vocation

With Labor Day upon us, a new episode of the Justice and the Inner Life podcast takes a look at questions of work and Christian vocation.  Do you long for a fuller sense of purpose in your daily work?  Alternatively, do you find meaning in your job, but feel you’re wearing thin, wondering how long you can sustain with all you are pouring out?  It may well be that the answer to both of these dilemmas can be found in the same direction — in a strong, clear vision for our primary vocation as Christians.

This unique episode isn’t the typical interview format we have on the podcast.  Rather, it’s a Sunday morning message Jedd gave last Labor Day weekend at a church just outside of Washington, DC — the Falls Church Anglican.  If questions of work, purpose, and vocation matter to you, don’t miss it. 

You can listen or download now on iTunes, Soundcloud, or the CAFO website HERE.