The Needs and Opportunities of a Post-Roe v. Wade America

This week The Signatry is highlighting the great needs and opportunities likely to rise with the end of Roe v. Wade.   Included is an article by Jedd Medefind titled, “Renewing the Christian Legacy of Care for Orphans.”  The article begins:

Christians have an ancient reputation for protecting and caring for the most vulnerable, including orphans and abandoned children. As abortion policies shift across the U.S. following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson, we have an opportunity to renew that legacy. Now is the time for us to step up. We can come alongside vulnerable children, mothers, and fathers with the extraordinary generosity that’s defined the Church at her best.

The Court’s ruling didn’t end abortion in America, but it has begun a new era thick with uncertainty, need, and opportunity. As state legislatures deliberate over how to proceed, we can anticipate that tens of thousands of children will be born each year who would not have under Roe v. Wade — possibly far more.

Many of these children will be welcomed into stable homes where parents, although perhaps surprised by their pregnancy, will swiftly fall in love with their new family member. For other new arrivals, however, the story will be different. Many children will enter the world amid a vortex of struggle and scarcity. This subset of would-have-been-aborted children will face headwinds from the start: intense prenatal stress, economic hardship, family breakdown, risk of serious neglect and abuse, and more.

This reality portends great need. It presents an immense opportunity as well. It invites the Church to meet these children — as well as their mothers and fathers — amid tremendous vulnerability…


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