3 Big Takeaways from CAFO2022

Planted. Not Buried.

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2,000+ participants gathered for CAFO2022 – Sept. 27-30 at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. We experienced together what it means to be people planted by God Himself:

People who anticipate the good God can bring from what feels like death…

People who experience planting again and again in our daily lives…

People who join with our good Father and one another in His planting, too.

Community. We are better together.

Corporate worship. Healing prayer. A united vision. Community is at the heart of CAFO! At CAFO2022, God’s people from 45 countries – church and global leaders, foster and adoptive parents, child-welfare professionals, non-profit directors – gathered with humble hearts and open hands in anticipation of the good work God will do through them, together, in the year ahead.

Clarity. We know our roles and where to start.

From pre-Summit Intensives and coaching tables to Better Together Rooms, workshops, and meet-ups, we were all deeply enriched at Summit and left with practical tools to apply in our organizations, families and communities. CAFO2022 attendees received training in 100+ workshops on topics from neuroplasticity and resilience… to attachment after adversity… to transforming foster care in communities… to policy-making and board-building…to marketing and crisis communications… to soul care for caregivers… to managing technology… to effective mentoring and gospel-based teaching for church engagement… just to name a few!

Care. When our roots run deep, good fruit will grow.

It’s a beautiful thing when God’s people acknowledge the parts of their lives that feel like burial and embrace a vision of planting in its place. The power to turn seeds into trees is God’s alone, but he invites us to participate with him this planting – both rooting ourselves in His life and helping others do the same. At CAFO2022, we experienced this Scripture-based shift through our incredible speakers, worship leaders and fellow believers, who helped us to see and feel that even those things that seem most like burial can become the place of God’s most important work – first in us, and then through us!


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