Saving International Adoption

One of DC’s most respected think tanks, the American Enterprise Institute, hosted the forum, “Saving International Adoption,” this past Friday. The number of international adoptions to the U.S. has plummeted over the past 14 years.  Had adoptions remained steady at their 2004 numbers, well over 100,000 children would have found welcoming homes in the U.S. […]

International Adoption Trends…And Serious Efforts to Change Them

Our friends at JCICS today shared an internal report on trends in international adoption.  It confirms the continued impacts of a deeply-flawed inter-country adoption system globally.  From 2004 to 2010, the number of such adoptions to the U.S have dropped by 51%, and will likely decrease further this year. It is as ironic as it […]

Mike Gerson on International Adoption

Mike Gerson, former chief speechwriter to President Bush, has a tremendous column on international adoption in today’s Washington Post.  Mike has a reputation even among critics as not just a master communicator, but also both an incisive analyst of international issues and a devout Christian.  During work-related travel in Zambia, we visited homes of AIDS […]

Christianity Today Weighs in On International Adoption and the Orphan Crisis

April’s edition of Christian Today contains an important editorial on international adoption and the biblical call to care for the fatherless.  Significantly, the editorial holds together two elements that are sometimes falsely presented as being at odds with each other:  support of in-country orphan care efforts, alongside strong affirmation of inter-country adoption for children that […]

Piercing Article on Opposition to International Adoption

For individuals that care about the complex issues surrounding international adoption, this article by Philip Holmes is a must-read. While urging that significant caution and safeguards should be part of any approach to inter-country adoptions, Holmes lays bare many of the flawed (and sometimes disingenuous) reasons given for policies that ultimately minimize inter-country adoption. Importantly, […]