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The Bair Foundation Child & Family Ministries

CASE STUDY: Independent Living

The Bair Foundation serves children & families throughout Kentucky, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.  Their goal is to provide Christ-centered, quality care and services dedicated to the treatment, restoration and empowerment of children, youth and families.

The Bair Foundation has a focus on Independent Living – as they see the vital need for these youth who are aging out to have the skills and education needed prior to transitioning into adulthood.  The Bair Foundation improves the outcomes for older youth by providing training & focusing on the following areas necessary to become self-reliant: Daily Living Skills, Self-Care, Employment, Education, Healthcare, Housing, Banking & Budgeting, and Transportation.

Bair has taken the essential steps to provide additional opportunities to further increase the probability of a successful transition. Through their vehicle program (Paul Smith Independent Living Fund), which provides matching funds up to $1,000, youth have been given the incentive and ability to achieve transportation that is vital to their independence. Bair’s renewable scholarship fund (Edward B. Massey Scholarship Fund) that is based on need and available to every Bair high school senior, has enabled their youth to achieve their goals and dreams of attending a college, university or trade school. Also provided to the scholarship recipients are monthly care packages, mentoring, and continued guidance while attending school.


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Phased IN

CASE STUDY: 18-Month Transition Program

The Phased In Project currently has campuses in Wichita Falls and Dallas TX and is a transitional living program for emancipated foster youth. The goal of Phased IN is to assist these young adults in learning basic life skills that will prepare them for independent living. Phased IN will provide housing, education, medical care and life skills training through an 18-month program. With the combined partnership of the church, the community, and the State of Texas, Phased IN will embrace these youth who were never adopted to ensure that these young adults achieve self-sufficiency and stability. Finally, Phased IN will provide the most vital and missing dynamic in the lives of these young adults – Family.


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Olive Crest

CASE STUDY: Project Independence Initiative 

Olive Crest works throughout Los Angeles, Nevada, Orange County, San Diego, Pacific Northwest, Inland Empire & Desert Communities to prevent child abuse, treat and educate at-risk children, and to preserving the family. In Orange County and San Diego they have a Project Independence Initiative which focuses on a Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP) that provides foster youth 15-24 years of age with the support and training necessary to become independent and successful adults. Whether in foster care, group homes, transitional housing, or living on their own, Project Independence creates a personal relationship-based plan designed for each youth’s specific needs. Olive Crest also has a Transitional Housing Placement Program + Foster Care (THP+FC) program which provides housing and support to youth ages 16-18 whose only option as they approach adulthood is living independently. Olive Crest also has a Transitional Housing Placement Program Plus (THP+) which specifically targets emancipated youth ages 18-24.


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Agape Ministries

CASE STUDY: Adaption Centers

Agape International Ministries is currently ministering to orphans in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. They not only encourage other Christians to serve orphans but they also give them an opportunity to participate and each orphans life.  Agape helps to place orphans with Christian families, whom they can live with and grow with; as well as they support Adaption Centers that are homes for orphan graduates (aged out orphans) where they have a home and a place where they are part of a family.

Agape is also working in 9 trade schools across Ukraine where they teach a special program that was specifically created to help reach teens.  Through the program they are providing intensive education in communication skills, good manners, finance management, etc.


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4Kids of South Florida

CASE STUDY: Spirit of Success Institute

4KIDS, located in South Florida created the Spirit of Success Institute (SOSI), which was born out of the desire to build community and offer real resources for success to young adults. 4KIDS Spirit of Success Institute (SOSI) exists to guide young men and women as they transition out of foster care and into independence. SOSI offers a 2-year Transitional Independent Living residential program.

Since its start in 2005, SOSI has served over 180 residents. Today, SOSI consists of 2 homes for young men and 2 homes for young women in Broward County. Each home consists of 4 residents and 2 Residential Advisors (RA). RA’s are there for guidance, accountability, and community—in fact, some of our RA’s are former SOSI residents!SOSI residents gain confidence to transition into independence through completing their GED or furthering their education, gaining employment skills, as well as completing career development resources and internships, life skills classes, and financial management training. Most importantly, residents develop relationships and connections with staff and volunteers who help guide and mentor them in successful living.


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Orphan's Promise & LAMb International

CASE STUDY: “Life Skills for Youth” Curriculum

Orphan’s Promise based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, works to help orphaned and vulnerable children in 50 countries worldwide. The Orphan’s Promise initiative in Kiev, Ukraine in partnership with a Canada-based organization, LAMb International, has developed a Russian-language curriculum entitled “Life Skills for Youth.” It covers a wide range of life skills training for aging-out orphans, and Orphan’s Promise offers classes in Ukraine that use this curriculum. Orphan’s Promise equips those interested in leading such training. This curriculum covers topics such as: Identity, Social Skills, Health and Hygiene, Love and Sex, Gift of Marriage, Raising Children, Homemaking, Time and Money Management, and Job Skills and Legal Rights.


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