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The New CAFO Academy

The CAFO team is excited to announce the new CAFO Academy, a partnership between CAFO, the Christian Leadership Alliance, Azusa Pacific University and ECFA. The CAFO Academy is designed to help international orphan care leaders take their leadership and management skills to the next level of God-honoring excellence. The Academy is open to the local […]

Doing Good, with Excellence, for God’s Glory!

I just returned from meeting with about 120 ministry leaders in Kyrgyzstan, each passionate about caring for orphans and desiring to see the local church rise on behalf of the fatherless of their country. This was exciting for me to see, because it showed without a doubt that there are champions there – orphan advocates […]

Longing for Family

Family. It’s important to God. Family shows up throughout scripture. The story of creation ends with the foundation of a family, with Adam and Eve coming together to bear and raise children. Noah spent years building an ark to save his family. The census of Israel was recorded in Numbers by having the Israelites camp […]

Reflections After 3 Weeks in Africa

I just returned from almost 3 weeks in Africa, working with church and ministry leaders from 16 African nations at 3 events in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa (you can see video reports from each of these events in earlier blog posts). Of course, once an experience like this is over, we have the opportunity […]

Video Blog from Uganda

Late last week, almost 400 pastors from throughout Uganda gathered in Zanna, Uganda (just outside of Kampala) to create a vision for a local church-led orphan care movement in this African nation. Watch this brief video blog from David Hennessey, CAFO’s Director for Global Movements, and Daniel Kaggwa, Pastor of Sign of the Dove Church, as […]

Video Blog about the Kenya Leadership Forum from Nairobi

Earlier this week in Nairobi, Kenya, 45 leaders from around this African nation gathered to develop a 10-year vision for local-church led orphan care in this country. Watch this video update from David Hennessey (CAFO) and Pastor George Ndhawa (Child Survival Centre) as they share the blessings that God showered upon Kenya this week.