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Wait No More

We’ve recently received this update on upcoming ‘Wait No More’ events from our friends at Focus on the Family: Right now, more than 127,000 legal orphans in the U.S. foster care system are waiting for adoptive families to call their own.  There are also more than 300,000 churches in the United States.  So, why are […]

The Post-Placement Journey

This week the Alliance hosted the Post Placement Journey webinar.  Dr. Karyn Purvis and Amy Monroe provided practical insights and resources to equip adoption and foster care ministries to help families meet the challenges of loving, nurturing and building strong relationships with children from hard places. In case you missed it, you can view it […]

The Safe Families Model

This week the Alliance Webinar Series hosted the Safe Families model.   Safe Families provides a transformational alternative to foster care that makes the homes of local Christians and their church community the center of care.  This model now serves more than 1,000 youth in the Chicago area each year, and is now being replicated by […]

How to Help Without Hurting

This week the Alliance hosted the first in its monthly webinar series for church orphan ministries.  The series is designed to help individuals like you create and grow effective adoption, foster care and global orphan ministry in local churches. You can watch the webinar “How to Help without Hurting” here.  Alongside other practical advice, presenters […]

LOVE FOR ORPHANS TRANSFORMS—Article From the Catalyst Website

Unwanted infants in ancient Rome were often disposed of via the practice of “exposing.” Whether undesirable because it was malformed, female or simply inconvenient, the child would be left alone, outside the city walls, without defense before glaring sun, icy winds or roving animals. In 374 AD, the Christian emperor Valentinian banned the practice. But […]