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Transcript of Twitterview with Dan Cruver, Together for Adoption

Jedd Medefind: Together 4 Adoption is part of the Alliance coalition that’s leading the Haiti Orphan Rescue Team. Tell us about it. Dan Cruver: God’s given the church the responsibility to care for orphans. Orphan care is in the church’s DNA. Sometimes it’s dormant.  But over the past 4-5 years God’s been awakening that portion […]

Twitterview with Dan Cruver

Join me on Twitter today at 1:30pm EST as I chat with Dan Cruver, Together for Adoption.  Follow @orphanalliance and @dancruver as we discuss the church response to Haiti.    Do you have questions or thoughts on this?  Tweet us!

Strong on Zeal, Thin in Knowledge

Read today’s Chrisitanity Today guest editorial from Alliance President Jedd Medefind on the Idaho Christian group arrested for taking orphans out of Haiti without authorization. Newswires buzzed recently with reports that a group of ten Americans from an Idaho-based Christian charity were arrested trying to transport 33 Haitian children into the Dominican Republic contrary to […]

A Mother’s Heart

By Maridel Sandberg Erik* is 16 years old. He is tall, athletic and very handsome.  His smile lights up a room.  He is polite and acts just like all the other teenage boys who have spent time in my home – they are always hungry and will eat pretty much whatever you give them. I […]

Twitterview with Dr. Russell Moore on Orphan Sunday

The Alliance just did its first “Twitterview” (a live interview via Twitter) today with Dr. Russell Moore, highlighting this weekend’s Orphan Sunday. Here’s the transcript. Jedd Medefind: We’re excited about the Christian Alliance for Orphans’ first twitterview with Dr. Russell Moore for ORPHAN SUNDAY 2009. So let’s start with your plans–what are your doing on […]

Storm Clouds Brewing Over the Capital

A piece of legislation recently introduced in Congress carries a name any orphan advocate could support:  “Every Child Deserves a Family Act.”   The bill, however, could strike a crippling blow to Christian foster care and adoption agencies across the U.S.   By attaching new strings to funds the Federal government provides to States, this measure would […]