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Nick Kristof on How to Spur Compassionate Action

The current issue of Outside magazine carries a fascinating article by NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof challenging those who care deeply for the destitute to rethink the way we present […]

Guatemalan Adoption and DNA Tests

Reuters yesterday reported on possible efforts by the Guatemalan government to seek DNA testing of children adopted by American families from Guatemala.  The headline reads, “Guatemala pushes for DNA tests […]

The Twietmeyers: Part II (HIV+ Adoption)

The evening that I visited the Twietmeyers happened to be a big day for another reason as well.   A major national policy change championed by Project HOPEFUL (along with EACH […]

The Twietmeyers: Part I

I had the privilege of joining dinner at the home of Kyle and Carolyn Twietmeyer a few weeks ago.   I’ve visited some remarkable residences over the years, from the Tsars’ […]