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More Than Good Intentions–II

Yesterday’s post highlighted the critical importance of study, preparation, reflection and diligence in seeking to serve orphans.  The assumption that good intentions are sufficient often makes for ugly outcomes.  True […]

More Than Good Intentions

The story of philanthropy—both Christian and nonreligious—is often one of noble intention that accomplishes little.  Sometimes, it’s even made matters worse.  I remember hearing Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf put words […]

The Strength of the King

I recently finished the book, The Strength of the King, which I read like a devotional each morning for several weeks.  Day after day, it drew me into Scripture, reflection […]

Correction: Adoptive Families Survey

Correction:  Yesterday’s post incorrectly identified USCIS as the originator of the survey for adoptive families.  In fact, the survey was created and circulated at the request of the Senate Foreign […]